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 SEO Service

SEO Service

price_USD 99.00 seo
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This is a FINELY TUNED SEO method which I continue to develop throughout Panda, Penguin and consistently gives great results. This is custom built providing you with a safe yet powerful multi-tier backlink profile.

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So With "Tons" Of Other Seo Service Providers Out There, Why Should You Choose Me?

Aside from the points mentioned above, I don't use Seo as a way to earn extra pennies on-top of my day job; Seo is my full time occupation.

What this means for you as my client, is that I will go that extra mile to make sure you are 100% satisfied and most importantly of all, your business benefits from my service.

So if you need a professional to work on your campaigns to get your site up in-front of a bigger audience (and at an affordable price too), then me and my SEO package are here to help!


Cheap SEO
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Cheap SEO
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Polite notice for potential clients (please read carefully); This service is for the Google search engine. 
  • Non-English languages ACCEPTED 
  • High rankings in Google does not always guarantee traffic or sales. 
  • Please do not expect to rank on the first page of Google for highly competitive terms such as "make money online" or "internet marketing" for example. 
  • Seo competition cannot be accurately measured in the Google adwords keyword tool, or by the number of results pages. 
  • Upon purchase of my service, I may research your keywords and make alternative suggestions if I feel your keywords are too competitive from a Seo perspective (this will be for your own advantage).
  • however you must follow the recommendations otherwise I cannot guarantee rank increase in 45 days.
  • The 45 days rank increase guarantee starts from the day I provide you with the backlinks report. (Typically rankings will increase within 4 weeks and continue to do so) 
  • Page Rank is not the position of your website in the search engine. This service may not improve Page Rank. (Please look up "Google Page Rank" for further clarification)
  • I cannot be responsible for ranking penalties if you are using another service. Backlinks do not appear instantly in Google and software used to analyze backlinks may not detect all backlinks to your site. 
  • Backlinks report provided upon completion Rank tracking is a complimentary service and offered upon my discretion 

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